Unica Plastics Moulders is a division of a manufacturing group known as the Unica Group.

Established in 1998, Unica Plastic Moulders became the group’s first manufacturing company situated in Edison Street Pretoria West Industrial. The company proved to be the cornerstone of the Unica Group as it played a vital role in the group’s expansion over the last 25 years. Unica  Plastic Moulders is still the central breeding ground for the group’s research and development.

Currently Unica Plastic Moulders has a monthly manufacturing capacity of 400 Tons. With well-structured managerial systems in place the manufacturing facility is autonomously managed and run, by extremely dedicated and experienced personnel.

Strict quality assurance and quality control measures are adhered to at all times, ensuring that only the top quality products end up on our retailers’ floors.

The Party Chair®, Desk in a Box™ and Genie™ – The Better Bed are some of the brands that we have developed and introduced into the local and cross border markets.

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Wheelie bin
Wheelie bin