The Unica Party Chair®

The Unica Party Chair® is an iconic product in the South African market. It was one of the first products developed by Unica back in 1998. In an era when the South African consumer would not think about using a furniture product made from any other material besides steel and wood, Unica Plastic moulders completely transformed the market by innovatively marketing the quality, strength and versatility of the Unica Party Chair®.  

It was no easy task bringing about a paradigm shift, but through dedication and perseverance this goal was achieved and the South Africans embraced the Unica Party Chair®. 

Almost 25 years later the Unica Party Chair® has stood the test of time and is still used widely not only throughout South Africa but in the entire Southern African region.

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Product Dimensions (mm)
Senior: 450 (w) x 430 (d) x 450 (h)
Junior: 325 (w) x 290 (d) x 300/375 (h)

Color Availability
Senior: Black, Maroon, Dark Green, Dark Blue,
Special colors made on order.
Junior: Black, Prime Blue, Lime Green,
Light Red , Turquoise
Special colors made on order.

Features and Benefits

Heavy Duty Design

Specially designed for heavy duty.

Strong Reinforcing Rib Structure

Able to withstand huge weight.

Stackable Up To 20 High For Easy Storage And Transportation

Up to 20 chairs can be stacked up on top of each other.

Load Bearing Capacity Of 200 KG

Can carry person weighing up to 20kg.

Product Usage: